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The IMHF offers Modern Hapkido, 100% Self Defense for today’s society.

There are no high kicks or acrobatic moves.  This is a not a sport-oriented or competitive system.



If you are serious about your own safety, we offer a Self Defense DVD that covers a broad range of scenarios and options for escaping and surviving an attack. It includes a major emphasis on women's self defense.


An innovative no nonsense approach to self defense! click the picture to see samples of what you can learn.

If you just want to view the material on the Self Defense DVD, Visit our new free on-line site which contains Modern Hapkido's Self Defense System with 713 pages of illustrated pages in downloadable PDF files, streaming video, animations, pictures, and text.








Background on the mission of the IMHF:


The IMHF offers Modern Hapkipdo, 100% Self Defense for today's society.


We have done some basic research on major Hapkido systems.  


We found that they all share a core of standard techniques as well as a set of unique skills or special techniques based on that system’s founder and his beliefs.


Modern Hapkido contains the core of standard techniques that is found in these recognized traditional Hapkido systems.  Its unique skills and special techniques deal with updating and adaptations to handle new violent situations. 


Therefore, it stresses self defense that including those against modern weapons like tactical folding knives and martial art styles that have developed recently or were never considered in traditional Hapkido such as western wrestling, Brazilian Jujitsu, Vale Tudo and "No holds barred" mixed martial arts.


Modern Hapkido has put a major emphasis on Women's Self defense techniques that recognizes both the psychological factors and the attack scenarios of a sexual assault and teaches how to deal with them mentally and physically.

To take a look at the Comparisons to Modern Hapkido page and learn more about what this system stresses click "Comparisons" below.








Additional Information on the IMHF


The International Modern Hapkido Federation was founded by Chief Master Victor Cushing to promote realistic self defense oriented Hapkido through a network of Instructors with various backgrounds in Hapkido as well as other martial arts.

We offer a self defense system based on a selection of Hapkido methods integrated with modern weapons tactics to improve your chances in real life attacks. 

Modern Hapkido is 100% for self defense.

The IMHF affords it members the opportunity to train at our member’s schools as well as at our seminars and training camps. We offer testing, promotion and internationally recognized rank and instructor certification. All of these benefits are open exclusively to IMHF members.


The IMHF fees are very reasonable. There are other associations that charge much higher fees than the IMHF, and there are those who charge much less.


Those who charge much more seem to be motivated purely by a profit motive rather than wanting  to form life long relationships based on training together.


Those that charge much less fit the old adage of “you get what you pay for.”


Many associations that charge much less are small  organizations that  cannot offer you any real support, they are selling paper.


The IMHF will spend time helping your school and improving your students skills.  We work with you on the mat.


The IMHF is recognized internationally. Our representatives rank among the best martial artists in the world.


We ask all of our members to become actively involved in making the IMHF one of the best Hapkido and self defense arts federation anywhere.

Questions? Comments? Click below to contact us.