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(1)  To supply training to member schools and individuals so that they may learn a full and effective Hapkido system.

(2) To provide a means of obtaining international rank recognition based on merit, and to help instructors achieve the rank they objectively deserve.

(3) To help promote Hapkido, its values and traditions.

(4) To provide technical assistance to member schools, so that they may have a solid business structure and grow financially.Our mission is to improve the instruction of Hapkido in the following ways:

Mission Tactics:

We expect to achieve these goals in part:

(1)  by applying a modern approach to existing Hapkido training without abandoning those traditional methods that have always held value.

(2)  by showing how Hapkido instruction can be used to complement an existing instruction program in another art such as Tae Kwon do, or Tang Soo Do.

(3)  by advancing the art of Hapkido by integrating selected principles from other arts into Hapkido training.

(4)  by using the latest methods of instruction including video and CD-ROM technology while insisting on a high level of hands on actual training as the foundation of personal growth.