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Welcome to the Iran Modern Hapkido Association



Reza Valinezhad, President of The Iran Modern Hapkido Association and the Asia Modern Hapkido Federation has been promoted!


 Dr. Keyvan Dehnad, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the IMHF presenting official certificates and documents to Reza Valinezhad who was recently promoted to 8th Dan with the title of Chief Master


Chief Master Reza Valinezhad was presented these credentials at the Iran Modern Hapkido Championships held in Tehran, Iran. 


 Iran Modern Hapkido Participants gathered at Championship.


Chief Master Reza Valinejad at work

And now....Welcome Again


Chief Master Reza Valinezhad

Welcome to our web pages.   It was our pleasure to begin our affiliation with the IMHF by having Grand Master Victor M. Cushing visit Iran from 18 MAR 2005 - 26 MAR 2005.  During that time we had intensive training sessions both in group seminars and in small semi-private training.   We look forward to a long relationship with the IMHF.
.......Reza Valinejad

Pre-event publicity in Iranian martial arts magazine


The Iran Modern Hapkido Association sponsored a vist by Grand Master Victor M. Cushing to Tehran and Nour for training and awards ceremonies.
We were pround to participate in this International event and have placed some pictures here to let you share that experience with us.

Senior Master Reza Valinejad, Grand Master Victor M. Cushing, Dr. Keyvan Dehnad, and Mr. Seidali Mortezaye visit the offices of the National Olympic Center in Tehran upon CM Cushing's arrival in Iran


Group Picture - Black Belt Seminar


Grand Master Victor M. Cushing


Deputy Chief Master Reza Valinejad, Grand Master Victor M. Cushing, and Senior Advisor Dr. Keyvan Dehnad


With the Caspian Sea as our background some of us enjoy the sunshine before one of the afternoon sessions starts.


Grand Master Victor Cushing demonstrating a head control while Dr. Keyvan Dehnad translates for the participants


Two Black Belts showing their technique to the group


Size and age don't matter....2nd Dan Seidali Mortezaye and his son practicing head control technique


Reza Valinejad being promoted to 7th Dan and appointed as Deputy Chief Master of the IMHF by then Chief Master Victor M. Cushing


Dr. Keyvan Dehnad being appointed IMHF Senior Advisor for International Growth and Development by Chief Master Victor M. Cushing


It wasn't all work, time for tea in the mountains.


It wasn't all work, time for lunch in Nour.


It wasn't all work, a holiday trip to the falls.


The trip is over, and speaking for myself, I enjoyed the visit very much......Vic Cushing