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Iran Modern Hapkido Black Belt training seminar


Iran Modern Hapkido Association

The International Modern Hapkido Federation is pleased to announce that Iran has formed a Modern Hapkido organization under a very capable martial artist, Deputy Chief Master Reza Valinezhad.  Major training sessions have taken place in that country making our visit there the first time a high ranking American martial artist has held a seminar in Iran since the revolution in 1979.
In addition to Deputy Chief Master Reza Valinezhad, the IMHF is honored to have the help of Dr. Keyvan Dehnad, an internationally recognized Judo coach and Director of Sport Psychology for the Iranian National Olympic Committee.  Dr. Dehnad will serve as the Senior Advisor for International Growth and Development.
To Learn more and see photos click on the "Iran Modern Hapkido Association" link just below the seminar picture or in the Table of Contents