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Self Defense DVD has a Built-in Web Site with numerous live action animations, illustrations, streaming videos and pdf printable files of 8 newly published IMHF Books on Self Defense containing 707 pages. This DVD only plays on a computer, not a conventional DVD Player.

The cost of this DVD is $49.95 plus shipping.

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Samples of Animations on DVD

Samples Pages from the 8 new Self Defense Books on the DVD

If you just want to look at the material on this DVD rather than own it, click here.

This DVD is a unique approach to presenting self defense. It uses a web site on a disc hooked to a major collection of illustrated self defense books that are oriented to a visual graphic  style rather than  200,000 words.  Every thing is there with the click a mouse.  This is 21st Century way of doing things, not the 1990's.


This DVD contains

(1) It has a self contained web site devoted to Self Defense.

(2) It has live action slowed motion aniamtions, streaming video, and step-by-step pictures with real people showing how a technique is performed

(3) It deals with all of the most common  attacks

(4) It has special sections on woman's self defense that deal in graphic fashion with what rape situations look like and shows how to deal with them.

(5) It has 8 Books with a total of 707 pages containing concepts, techniques, appilcations, and all illustrated by pictures large enough for you to actually see what is being done.

What is on the DVD?

(1) Self Defense Web Table of Contents:

Lessons that represent the types of responses that you can make for selected attacks. On the self contained web on the DVD there are links that go to a new pages that show a set of defensive responses for that attack as it gives you more information or demonstrates techniques as Slowed Down Live action Animations.  The examples are often also shown on streaming video

These animations let you really see the steps as opposed to vhs or dvd actions which you slow down and rewind or replay anyway to learn. Explanations with photos of these responses and a wealth of detailed written material about self defense is provided in the accompanying set of 8 Self Defense Books in .pdf format.

You can link directly to books and scroll through them on your browswer and clikc back to where you were.

Here's a partial list of contents:

Awareness,Positions and Stances Attitude,

Condition Red, "Get off the Line" ,Clowns, Alcohol, and Recreational Substances

Pre-emptive Actions ,Weapons Real and improvised,Dirty Tricks, Gender Issues in a Confrontation

Forward Engagement ,Size Doesn't Matter ,"A to Face" "B to Base" "C Leave the Place" ,

Punch or Grab, High LIne Grabs, Front Grabs, Rear Grabs , Clothing Grabs

Choke Defenses ,Women's Self Defense Situations Assorted

Flinch Responses,

Bear Hugs, Front Bear, Hugs Rear,Tackle Defenses,Locks and Locks from Punches ,Kick Defenses Low Line,Kick Defenses High Line, Control Locks , Custody and Control ,Simple Grab Escapes,Wrist Cross Hand Grab ,Wrist Same Side Grab ,Hair Grabs ,Head Control Headlocks

and much much more

Seated in Chair Take Downs and Throws What to do if Cornered? Gun Defenses Car Jacking Ambushes Ground Fighting* Knife Defenses Stick or Impact Weapon * Since Ground Fighting covers such a large area of subject matter this link goes to a Table of Contents for Ground Fighting where it is broken down into more categories There is a wealth of material available on Ground Fighting. Our purpose here is to provide some very basic information. Ground Fighting "Down Does Not Mean Out" Ground Fighting From or In the Guard Passing the Guard, An Escape Ground Fighting From the Mount Escapes from the Mount Ground - Use of Knife Tackle Defenses* Using your Legs as a defense Seated on Ground *because they are often the reason you go to the ground.

What does this DVD contain?

The CD contains 8 volumes of text and pictures that are a companion to the web site. Those volumes have pictures that are large enough so you can see details unlike many books where to stay within some reasonable cost the book is much shorter than what you just purchased with large pictures or has very small pictures in order to cover all the variations of techniques. These books are in PDF format and may be printed out as you desire.

Book Brief Descriptions

Summary - 089 pages

Short Sections on the material which is covered in detail in the 8 volumes. Awareness, Self Defense Model of Responses, Threat Levels, Basic Stances, Principles such as "Get off the Line", Forward Engagement", Footwork, Blocking Softly, "A to Face Targets, "Basic Strikes, "B to Base Targets", Basic Kicks, Simple Throws, Locks, Dirty Tricks, Improvised Weapons, Various Attack Scenarios

Book 1 CORE 106 pages -Itroduction, Principles and Concepts, Awareness, Safe Distances, "Feed him the Cheese", "A to Face", and Strikes, EPR = Explosive Physical Response, IED=Improvised Effective Defense, 4 K.O.'s, Center LIne Theory, Size Doesn't Matter, Soft Blocks, "B to Base" All presented in detail with text and large photos.

Book 2 CORE 109 pages- Throw, Dirty Tricks and Improvised Weapons, Low Line Targets, Kicks, Unbalancing, Head Control, Joint Locks with Close-In Photos and explanatory text as well as details on the lines of force being used, First Strikes on Pre-emptive Defense, All presented in detail with text and large photos.

Book 3 CORE 084 pages -Kick, Hair Grab, and Choke Defenses

Book 4 CORE 070 pages, Clothing Grab, Headlock, Bear Hug Defenses All presented in detail with text and large photos.

Book 5 CORE 073 pages -Fighting Basics, Avoiding Tackles, Fighting when knocked down, Seated Defenses, All presented in detail with text and large photos.

Book 6 CORE 115 pages -Defenses Against Weapons including Knifes, Guns. Sticks, Clubs and Other, Ambushes, All presented in detail with text and large photos.

Book 7 CORE 061 Dpages -Defense Against Rape - Includes Attitudes, A Table of a Set of Simple Targets, Strikes and Kicks as well as a Table of Responses to different attacks (not illustrated) and selected illustrations.

This material was developed by Victor Cushing and Patrick Sergott.

 Victor Cushing is a Master Instructor in Hapkido and holds an 8th degree black belt in that martial art. Hapkido is a Korean martial art that is oriented to street fighting style defensive tactics rather than competitive sports oriented training that is used in tournaments.

Hapkido techniques include strikes, punches, kicks, joint locks, chokes, pressure points, throws and pins as well as grappling and ground fighting.

Hapkido was used as the basis for teaching hand-to-hand combat to Special Forces Troops (Green Berets) in Viet Nam. In Chicago the school at which he was an instructor has been instrumental since 1969 in providing martial arts training to local law enforcement units.

This school has helped to incorporate its techniques into the defensive tactics taught to the Chicago Police Department, Cook County Corrections Officers, Naval Intelligence Units, and has successfully trained officers from 25 suburban departments.

He has trained in Hapkido 25 years. Mr. Cushing also trained in other martial arts including Kali\Escrima, a Filipino art stressing the use of edged weapons and sticks, Judo, and Shorei-Ryu, and Okinawan hard style noted for explosive counter attacks. This additional training took place over 20 years prior to his Hapkido training . He is the President and Chief Master of the International Modern Hapkido Federation .