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The IMHF offers Modern Hapkido, 100% Self Defense for today's society.

In this system we include the use a cane, a tool that can be used to protect yourself, which is especially good for Senior Citizens.


Click the picture to see a demonstration of cane defense techniques by a friend of mine, Alain Burrese.


We can suggest good Cane Self Defense instructional materials both DVDs and Books.  Just double click on the picture to go to those suggestions.

Cane Self Defense is getting a lot of attention lately as evidenced by the two articles below in which Vic Cushing is quoted briefly.  Click on the links below to read those articles.

Wall Street Journal Front Page Article on Cane Self Defense.

AP article from Gainesville, Florida Newspaper

Canemasters, a well recognized organization, offers training seminar and lessons at various facilities in the US.  For location information about these classes please call them at 1-800-422-2263 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Pacific Time.  

Click here for clips showing some cane techniques you can use.